Chuck Basher aka Andre Watts on Old Navy Commercial

I’ve definitely seen this ebony muscle hunk on several adult websites, he goes by the name Chuck Basher on the Power Men website and he’s featured as Andre Watts on the homepage of the Finest Black Men website. He’s also known as KaliMuscle on his own YouTube page with workout videos, WOW! what a muscle hunk! He looks more ripped than I’ve ever seen him before with his buldging biceps and forearms and pillar-like legs but he’s only in his full glory on those two adult websites. Here’s the commercial along with a screenshot of his scene and a couple non-nude but shirtless photos from the Power Men and Finest Black Men websites. Decide for yourself and best of luck to Chuck Basher/Andre Watts in his new ventures!

Chuck Basher aka Andre Watts in Old Navy Commercial

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